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Competitive Program

FOSC Competitive Program

Our competitive program at Fair Oaks Soccer Club is comprised of teams, families, and players that prefer longer soccer seasons, more challenging training and game environments.  FOSC has one of the largest recreational programs in the Sacramento area. As a result, many of our recreational players transition to competitive soccer.  This allows us to add to our competitive-level teams and provide the kids in the community the avenue to a deeper commitment level to continue their enjoyment of the game.  


  • Higher levels of competition & skill
  • More games, practices and league seasons! (typically 2 seasons Fall and Spring)
  • Weekend tournaments (Numbers varies by team 2-5 on average).   
  • Higher levels of play, fun, commitment, participation, support from coaches, players, and trainers.
  • Scrimmages, team budget, activities and additional training opportunities 

FOSC Coaches

Through close coordination with our Director of Coaching and Competitive Program Coordinator, the club prides itself in selecting and keeping experienced and skilled coaches. FOSC also offers/support with coverage for ongoing coach educational opportunities to continue their growth and development. 


  1. FOSC Player Club Registration Fee: $225
  2. Monthly Club dues/fees:  $0  (Yes, zero, always zero!)
  3. Uniform: ($170. New uniforms planned for 2020)
  4. Trainer Fees:  Varies by team but typically identified in the overall team budget (if applicable).  FOSC provides a specialized goalie trainer for all our comp teams (free).
  5. Shared Team Fees: These fees vary per team but typically will range an additional $200-375 per player for the season (year), including trainer fees noted above.  The cost will vary slightly depending on the number of league seasons (Spring, Fall, Summer, Winter league), weekend tournaments the team may participate in.  

*To help lower costs, scholarships and fundraising opportunities are available. Please ask your coach or team manager for more information.

Annual Team Tryouts

FOSC’s comp program hosts formal tryouts once a year in May and players are selected based on their aptitude, skill and effort. See the list of teams and coaches below. 

Mandated tryouts concluded in May 2019.  

Please contact the board if you are seeking team placement or other questions outside of our normal competitive tryout window.  


2019 Tryouts: Teams and Coach List

Girls Teams


Fair Oaks SC New U9 (2011/2012) Tina Bushgjokaj
Fair Oaks SC New U10 (2010) Casey Gillispie
Fair Oaks SC New 09 (U11) Casey Gillispie and Marc Thomas

Fair Oaks SC Swat 08 (U12) 

Marc Thomas

Fair Oaks SC Strikers 07 (U13) John Prince and Brittany Jimenez

Fair Oaks SC Sparkle Girls 07  (U13)

Roger Steel and Casey Steel

Fair Oaks SC Fury 06 Black (U14)

Jeremy Snyder and Nazario Valverde

Fair Oaks SC Fury 06 Gold (U14)

Jeremy Snyder

Fair Oaks SC Earthquakes 04/05 (U16)

Damon Brown

Fair Oaks SC Fire 04/05 (U16)

Chris Shepard

Fair Oaks SC Broncos 02/03 (U18) 

Bruce Glass and Matt Davis


Boys Teams


Fair Oaks SC Dragons U9 (2011/2012)

Tina Bushgjokaj and Ben Gjoni

Fair Oaks SC New U10 (2010) TBD

Fair Oaks SC Magpies 09 (U11)

Daniel Radcliffe and Bill Evrigenis       

Fair Oaks SC Fury 08 (U12) Tom Nevin

Fair Oaks SC New 08 (U12)

Ben Gjoni

Fair Oaks SC Viper 07  (U13) 

Tina Kobler

Fair Oaks SC Storm 06 (U14) 

Nidal Hijazi and Keegan Kirby

Fair Oaks SC Thunder 06 (U14)

Craig Stanley

Fair Oaks SC Flyers 05 (U15)

Brooke Aday

Fair Oaks SC Force 04 (U16)

James Regan

*The lists above are based on the US Soccer age matrix. With approval of a coach, players may play up with a team. 

Birth Years/Age Groups

2002      U18
2003 U17
2004 U16
2005 U15
2006 U14
2007 U13
2008 U12
2009 U11
2010 U10
2011 U9